Mike Stark

Here's my philosophy in a nut-shell:   I believe in service first - we are nothing without our clients.    I believe in going where the market is heading, not where it’s been - according to the National Association of Realtors© 92% of home buyers use the internet to aid them in searching for their purchase (NAR 2013 profile of home buyers and sellers). I believe in marketing “smart” – targeted marketing to the most likely buyer will make the difference between selling under, at or over average days on market. I believe in research and hard work – this will keep me on top and moving ahead.   Experience will give you an edge in any profession, and decades of experience in real estate makes my edge surgically sharp.  As a result of long, long (really long!) hours of sweat equity, I have an exquisite understanding of how and why property is sold – or not sold.  I know what the buyer wants and what the seller needs - and I specialize in merging these ideas into a satisfactory sale.  I will negotiate longer and harder, market more intelligently and use more efficient and successful tools than all others.     Raising my two sons well is first and most important in my life. I strive to teach them through example how to have a good work ethic and show them how important having an education is to their future. I also enjoy competition pool, league and tournaments.   Being an active and involved member of the community has always been an important facet of my life. I have been a member of numerous charitable organizations for more than 10 years, including: Lions, Elks and Eagles Clubs. I have enjoyed serving on the Charlevoix Montessori School Board, being a member the Chamber of Commerce, as well as spending time as a local little league coach. Fund raising for various important causes, and participating as a major sponsor for many events, including 4H and the East Jordan High School annual play, has also been a way I have positively impacted and aided my community.  

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